Our Mission

       ” Christoph Joseph is a brand that sets the benchmark in providing consistent, expertly crafted , premium essential leather goods and accessories. Distinctive and bold, each and every quality inspired product we create embodies an expression of a lifestyle, driven to represent you, the discerning consumer. We proudly proclaim that our original authentic statement pieces are made in the U.S.A. and are intended for enjoyable use – lasting generations. “

Sharing Our Backstory

    Officially established in April of 2018 out of Los Angeles, Southern California, our actual creative journey embarked much sooner than that. As a lifelong artist himself , Founder and Entrepreneur Christopher Joseph born in New York of Italian American heritage grew up in a household of overflowing amazing creativity and talent.

A professional woodworker and designer by trade for over 20 years he set out to explore new avenues of creativity when signing up for a leathercraft class during a very difficult time of his life while suffering immense loss and hardship. As a true testament, what was intended to be a therapeutic educational experience turned out to be a discovery nothing short of amazing with this new artistic outlet which is absolutely and truly enjoyable especially making products that are meaningful.

Leather is such a beautiful canvas with countless possibilities. And with that , after countless hours practicing, designing ,perfecting the craft and what started out as making and selling custom wallets for friends and intrigued word-of-mouth clientele up till this very day, the epic vision for the Christoph Joseph Brand was birthed in 2015 .

Vision For Today and Beyond

With new impressive stylish designs coming to the market at each opportunity it is our commitment

to blend artistry and creativity with an expressive lifestyle one is passionate about on the world’s

oldest known raw material- Leather. Yet timeless and relevant for the modern era.

Key attributes include achieving and exceeding expectations with products that showcase a high regard for attention-to-detail , expert craftsmanship , proud and diligent work ethic.

Our leather products are primarily targeted towards image conscious men of all ages . As specialists in making custom crafted wallets of all formats, sizes and platforms – our foundational starting point – it is our vision to expand into other products lines, collections , genres and genders in the very up and coming years. It’s exciting.

The Creative Corner

All our products are Handmade in America using the best genuine leather materials available in the industry.

Each and every piece is made by a skilled artisan and require hours of detailed craftsmanship.

Many of the processes are done with fundamental traditional methods using handtools

Many of our products range from subtle to highly customized and personalized in full collaboration with the client. Be sure to check our  customization page where we make available not just designer products but making your daily carry leathergood personal.

We love being creative and innovative. For us its fun, using our talents to the fullest , bringing our products to life with unique design, color and with purpose.

As our company takes shape , grows and transforms into a highly competitive and reputable brand we hope you will take part in that Journey with us together witnessing it first hand.

Thank you for checking us out , follow us on social media , subscribe on our website and most of all the opportunity to earn your business.

Welcome to the Christoph Joseph Leather

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