How do I order a custom wallet

Simply go to the customization page and click “Get custom”. This will take you to our interactive design tool page called the “Artisan Department” You will be able to custom create from one of four

Standard wallet style options. (bi-folds, credit card holders, trifolds and biker wallets)

There you have plenty of graphic design tools where you can apply and choose from our clipart or upload your own artwork which can be sized and positioned. Choose and apply text with an assortment of fonts.

Select from a menu of options from color, thread, interior, accessories and type of process for design application.

Leave special instructions or notations with your order

If you have any questions, we are here to assist you along the way in creating your unique wallet.

We take your idea, your vision and turn it into something special in a simple easy way.

If online designing is not your thing and you prefer to have a custom wallet made the old fashioned way, just simply message us and send us your ideas so we can coordinate your project on a personal level. Tell us what your looking to have made so that we can give you a quote

How long does it take to make a custom order

Typically, all custom orders are crafted made-to-order. Our turnaround time typically takes approx. 2-3 weeks till the finished product is ready to ship from the time of order placement.

What type of artwork can be uploaded

We prefer black and white vector, png, jpeg images

Where is your product made and of what materials

Our products are handmade in Southern California USA by highly skilled craftsman and artists

All our custom wallets are primarily crafted using the finest grade top grain veg-tanned calf leather

Interiors are made using a variety of genuine leather materials ranging from calfskin, goat, pigskin and   moire cloth lining

A majority of our leather finishes are waterproof and environmentally friendly

Nothing is outsourced

How is the design put on the leather. Tell us about the process

You have a choice of two primary methods for applying the design. The first is a very traditional method by hand-carving and tooling.  The artwork is prepared at the appropriate scale, the leather

Is cased (i.e. moistened with a sponge) then the artwork is hand-traced onto the leather then carved

And stamped in using various stamping tools and a mallet. A beautiful 3-dimensional design is now embedded into the leather. This is typically always done on Veg-tanned tooling leather.

Our leather of choice is the best in the industry- Hermann Oak. The design or wallet face is then dyed and or enhanced with colored leather paints. This is a more labor-intensive procedure, but the results are second to none.

The other method that is most recent to leathercrafting and out shop would be laser engraving a design into the leather. It’s a Different look but the amount of detail that can be done is incredible to say the least. It’s a faster method and more economical but does require a lot of setup and graphic design planning on the computer. This gives a dark brown precision engrave which looks like a branding effect.

In some case the engrave can be enhanced with paints if requested.

Why a tooled or engraved design is far superior to a printed design

A Hand-tooled design is far superior to a simple printed design and is truly what gives a wallet value As it is a 3-dimensional art form. It gives the design dimension and is a technique only a select Few have a mastery of. The design is carved and stamped in with a variety of hand tools. It’s like Sculpting. It will always be a part of the leather verses a printed design which is flat and can wear off over time. Tooled designs only beautify with age.

Engraved designs are also superior to printed design but are typically only single color which is a dark Brown created by the process of the laser burning in the image. It has dimension and is permanent as Well.

Can I apply an artwork design to exotic, embossed or finished leather

These specific materials cannot be used for hand-tooled designs as they are not designed for tooling, They don’t hold the imprint and the leather cannot be moistened. The tanning process method and leather fibers are not conducive to accept cold stamped impressions or carving.

These types of materials can only be laser engraved or an applied painted design

Do you offer hot stamped personalization

Yes, all our complimentary name or initials are hot stamped into any standard or custom wallet Using Times Roman font 1/4” tall characters.

How will your custom wallets hold up and will the finish or paints wear off

Hand-tooled and engraved wallets will last years or even a lifetime if properly cared for Typically, they are coated with an acrylic waterproof sheen or mink oil or wax paste. We use Angelus Leather Paints or Fiebing’s Finish which are specifically design for leather And have excellent wear characteristics.

How is a custom wallet priced

All our custom wallets start at a base price for each wallet style platform then you choose how much It will cost by choosing from various options and whether the design is applied using hand-tooling, Laser engraving, hand-painting methods.

The amount of colors used, size of image and amount of design.  Design pricing Is also based on number of elements as each is a separate cost. Adding text is also a separate charge And the design tool will calculate the final price as you build it.

Our Pricing takes into account the amount of time, detailed hand work and artistry involved by professional experts and artists. Remember this is a custom crafted one-of-a-kind piece of art. It’s is not mass produced overseas but made of high quality, care and intended to last, not months

Can I change my order after it is placed

You can check with us where your project is in production and if notified early enough, we can accommodate changes that don’t affect price or require remaking parts. This is custom work and it is very important that any decisions be made during the order process or design phase due to the hands on custom artistic nature of this kind of work. Once it is shipped it cannot be changed without incurring a change order fee.

What is your return policy

 Typically, custom and personalized orders we do not offer returns, but we understand mistakes and mishaps can happen. Additionally, parts and pieces beyond our control can break or be defective. We will review each return request on a case by case basis as to make sure you 100{bc09b95bee282dbbeef141990b8914d9805a8eab041c7013ec6a3d8b72cb798f} satisfied with Your order. In some cases, a new product will be made or given a credit. For more specifics please refer to our return policy

Are your products guaranteed or warrantied

All our wallets are guaranteed for a year from purchase date for catastrophic failure WE guarantee our leather goods are quality made built to endure rugged daily use and will last several years if not a lifetime if properly cared for And handled. Typical use and abuse is not covered.

We do not offer any warranties on custom made-to-order leather goods as with all leather products, they can only last so long with intense daily use and various materials eventually wears especially with overstuffed wallets, sat on daily or exposed to elements.

Do you offer discounts

We offer a 10{bc09b95bee282dbbeef141990b8914d9805a8eab041c7013ec6a3d8b72cb798f} discount and occasionally offer promotional or flash sales during select special holiday periods

What shipping method do you use, and can I track my order

We primarily use USPS priority mail as our standard method of choice but can use or offer other methods of choice if requested. Typically orders within the United States arrives within 2-3 days.

We do offer international shipping and am willing to ship anywhere. Just pay the shipping costs..

A tracking number will always be provided with your order when it ships